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by isley lynn.
The Smiths One @ The Vaults
from 27th May.
directed by jess edwards

“It’s not just the choice. It’s never just the choice...Choice is a fairytale.”

Tattoos are forever. Almost. And at Noodle Soup Tattoo there are strict rules: No names unless they're dead. Nothing on the face. Nothing you might get sued for later.

When Jodie, a rough sleeper, asks for a free tattoo from apprentice Kit, her request is well within the guidelines. But Kit is still unsure, because they know only too well that getting inked isn't the only decision that stays with you for the rest of your life.

albatross. is a small but sweeping story about the past refusing to stay in the past. It was first commissioned and performed by Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.
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