Senior Consultant (working title – short film)

Caltas Consulting are looking for their next senior consultant.

Bobby can’t sell; Ewan can’t speak; Carys can’t stop speaking; Alex can’t speak without offending and Maxine can’t stop speaking about her cat.

Andrea and Tina have a job on their hands.

Shot over two days at Texel Finance and currently in post-production, watch this space for our upcoming screening!


Bobby: Tommy Oldroyd

Carys: Charlotte O’Leary

Maxine: Nadine Ivy Barr

Alex: Adam Owers

Ewan: Aaron Douglas

Andrea: Angela Jones

Tina: Thara Schöön 


Written by: Simon Haines

Director: Simon Haines

DOP: Horia Cojan

First Assistant Camera: Devan Clarke Sheward

Gaffer: Will Jessel

Loader: Isaac Bokoko

Sound: Lu Guertler

Assistants to Director: Ayla Spaans and Sophia Sibthorpe

Producer: Frankie Parham and Guy Woolf

Executive Producer: Andy Lennard

Thanks to:

Katy Beechey

Kate Hook

Mem Tahir

Texel Finance

Clothworkers’ Foundation