‘My City of Ruins’ applications open

represent are seeking applications from a filmmaker from a lower socioeconomic background to make a 4-minute short, without dialogue, about hope. The film will be underscored by Bruce Springsteen’s My City of Ruins and will shoot for a few days (up to a week) in July/AugustThe chosen filmmaker will receive a fee of £3.5k, they will work with our producer and a total budget of £25k, with production costs of £7k – so please do take this into account when writing your applications.

Springsteen wrote this about Asbury Park, New Jersey, a resort town near where he grew up. Springsteen went there a lot when he was young, and watched it deteriorate as he got older until it was mostly neglected. The song took on new significance after the September 11th terrorist attacks on the US and we believe its message of hope and rising from the ashes is one that is particularly needed today,

We are looking for submissions max. 1000 words/2 sides of A4 that cover the following:

– Your proposed storyboard for the 4-minute film

– Your background

– Locations and Casting ideas

Please also submit your CV.

We are happy to receive this application in video format of a maximum of 4.5 minutes. 

represent will then contact the preferred applicants for an interview at a later stage. 

Deadline May 27th. 

Please send all submissions to info@representtheatre.com and fill out this google form.